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What is Light Sprites™ and how does it work?

The Light Sprites Experience taps into our collective nostalgia of long summer nights running through open fields or exploring dark woods spotting and chasing fireflies.  Being surrounded by the flickering lights evokes a sense of delight and wonder and truly makes time stand still. The Light Sprites Experience re-creates that sense wonder by transforming any space, indoor or out, into a magical field of glowing lights.  What makes Light Sprites truly special is its ability to respond to people’s actions and behaviors through the innovative use of technology, creating a unique experience for each and every guest.


  • Light Sprites™ (pat.pend.) is a sophisticated lighting system that can transform any space into a uniquely immersive environment.  

  • Operating as a single lighting fixture or many, the Light Sprites™ ecosystem (pat. pend.) is scalable and capable of dynamically controlling a large number of individual LEDs with minimal requirements to the show or architectural lighting system.

  • Light Sprites™ has the ability to emulate fireflies, fireworks, the night sky, a flurry of ​ magic fairy dust, or imaginative wayfinding.​

  • Multiple experience modes can be programmed using the same infrastructure

  • Smartly placed around defined areas of guest engagement, a single set of Light Sprites™ can cover roughly 0.2 acres.

  • The same technology that enables the guests to interact with the Light Sprites™ can be part of the story line performed by the hosts, as well as an upsell item, letting your guests take the experience home.

  • Can easily tie-in to existing show control systems

  • Low operational costs

  • Can be updated seasonally



    Theme Parks

    Seasonal Installation

    Botanical Gardens


    Destination Location

    Outdoor nighttime experiences

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